Born in Algeria and raised during the « black decade » I could learn early on what really mattered in life the hard way.
From a midclass educated family , i saw my two parents taking a very courageous decision, leaving the comfort of a good position to become entrepreneurs. Even if i was too young to understand that, they are both my heros and models in life.

Me and technology

My first « serious » interraction with technology was in 1989 when i learnt Basic in order to « create » my own games, I was 6.

Indeed video games played a crutial rôle in my technology learning curve, helping me to get skills in , coding, graphic design, 3D and even sound.

That was before I discovered the internet.

My first website was for my familys business, then i discovered that with some hours a day doing something i love i could make good money , that was my first « real » job.


I moved to Paris at 19 with an idea, making my own business in technology, but being my « hobby » I didn’t want to study it.
I chose instead economics and business, where i had a double degree a french degree in finance and an american degree in international business.
This focus on creating my own job rather than getting one after graduation helped me to learn faster and deeper than my comrads that where there mostly for the grades and not the knowledge.


You have two kind of ideas, the ones you have and forget and the ones that obsess you, I believe that turning the second type into businesses is a good bet ,since you’ll be all in to ensure your success.

Getting money using my skills have always been something natural for me since I was 8 selling drawings to my school mates (after a failed atempt to sell a drawing book to the local library the introduced me to the concept of edition…it was like nuclear science for me at that time).

But my first real business was during my second year of college as a web agency, I lived after that several lives and adventures as an independant music label , industry wholesaler, apps editor, social network, and through that all the possible scenarios,failure, success, bankrupcy, growth, and the best is yet to come.

Advisory & consulting

In parallel to my entrepreneur’s life, I operate as an advisor / consultant for several businesses in my two fields of « expertise » : technology (digital transformation, IT strategy, startups) and Business (strategy , international , finance).

If you want to suggest a project or a collaboration feel free to contact me at !